Advent of code 2021: Wrap-up


I managed to almost complete the Advent of code 2021. I went so far as problem 21, which is not a bad result for the first time. However, I didn’t write about problem 18 or 20 (I skipped 19 because that puzzle came straight out of the movie Primer). Also, I have to add that I only managed to resolve the first part of puzzle 21.

All in all, I liked doing it, and it taught me a thing or two (or three) in Rust and overall algorithm challenges. Getting caught up in the whole turmoil on the subreddit added a nice dimension to this whole puzzle adventure, and I can recommend it for people who want to learn more about coding. I do not recommend it doing it for the challenge of solving these puzzles the fastest, because you will lose, and it will be because of the timezones.

I might join the one next year, but seeing that all the Covid restrictions are coming to an end, my time is probably going to be spent on doing something which does not revolve around code.